Josh Koscheck, Jon Fitch and Javier Mendez

This video has been making the rounds, it’s Josh Koscheck relaxing at what appears to be Jon Fitch’s home. Koscheck mainly expresses his frustrations with Javier Mendez, the striking coach and owner of AKA. It’s an interesting video that goes pretty far out when Koscheck expresses his hope that the gym burn to the ground.

I was amused by Fitch’s reaction, which is a bit awkward mixed with what appears to be a nervous laugh. It’s¬†understandable, Fitch is caught in the middle between one of his closest friends and a coach that plays a major role in his professional career. Also, how the heck do you react to your friend saying he hopes your gym burns to the ground?

Javier Mendez has gone on the record before about what went down, he’s discussed it with Dave Meltzer in an excellent piece over at Wrestling Observer. He also just talked to Ariel Helwani about a variety of things, including these controversial¬†remarks by Koscheck. Check it out, it’s intriguing.

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