STFC 24 Results


Frank Treviño (10-0) defeated Joseph Patrick Daily (6-4) via unanimous decision (50-44, 48-46, and 49-44).

Carlos Diego Ferreira (6-0) defeated Danny Salinas (11-5) via submission (rear naked choke) at 1:41 of the second round.

Andrew Garza (5-3) defeated Josh Treviño (2-2) via TKO (doctor stoppage) at :10 of the second round.

Fabian Saldivar (2-1) defeated George Ted Powery (0-1) via TKO (elbows) at 1:18 of the second round.

Vaughn Govia (2-0) defeated Miguel Saenz (1-2) via knockout (head kick) at :25 of the first round.

Samuel Guardiola (1-1) defeated Israel Martinez (0-2) via submission (arm-in-rear naked choke) at 1:59 of the first round.

Elias Garcia (2-0) defeated Mike Ortiz (1-1) via submission (rear naked choke) at 2:44 of the first round.

On February 22, 2012, the STFC celebrated their 5th year anniversary by putting on a six fight card extravaganza. With four of the most popular Valley fighters headlining, fans of the promotion had high expectations for both main event fights.

Joseph Patrick Daily stepped into the cage to defend his welterweight crown against STFC middleweight champion Frank “Sitkayan” Treviño. For Daily, a win here would prove he deserves the recognition of being one of the best Valley fighters. For Treviño this was his shot at winning another championship and moving to an immaculate 10-0 record. Would the slick, athletic grappler prevail against the technical, dangerous striker? We got our answer on this cool, cloudy night in McAllen.

The first round was an incredible round for Frank Treviño, completely dominated the round with his striking. He opened up by landing a hard, solid legkick. He followed that up with a second, a third, a fourth, and by the time the round was over I had lost count of all those legkicks. Great strikes by Treviño in this round. The second frame proved to be very interesting. Treviño was landing his kicks but Daily was pushing forward and trying to outpace Treviño. Eventually Treviño took him down twice, the second time leading to a scramble with Daily coming up ahead with the full mount. Daily took Treviño’s back and started attempting a rear naked choke but he never got close. Daily then changed his mind, tried to lock in a guillotine but it was far from close. Frank escaped and got back on top. When they got back up on their feet, Treviño continued to win the exchanges. Treviño even added a little sizzle to his steak with a “Siva-Fryklund”-style elbow. The third frame was more of the same. Treviño landed some good body kicks to start the third round. Daily landing punches but Treviño was far more impactful. Daily worked a takedown until he finally got it but Treviño got back up. When Daily went for the takedown again, Treviño tried a Peruvian necktie and guillotine that weren’t close. When they got back up, Daily looked tired. Actually, they both did.

The fourth was the closest of all the rounds. Treviño got two takedowns and got good positions, but Daily made it very competitive here. He was moving forward, he ate some of Treviño’s shots but kept throwing his own. He seemed to hurt Treviño on one occasion against the cage. Daily was trying his best to overwhelm Treviño. Not every shot was hard or powerful but he was working at tiring Treviño. At the end of the round, Daily finished with a scramble going his way and gaining back mount. He worked a face lock as the round came to an end. What a fight.

By the fifth frame, but men seemed exhausted. Treviño started working a jab, before Daily secured a takedown. Treviño tried a guillotine but it didn’t work. Daily took his back but Treviño reversed him and got on top. On the ground, Treviño tried another Peruvian necktie but it was sloppy. Daily got side control but it ended back up on their feet. Treviño was just landing the better superior strikes. Daily did a couple of fouls and got a point deduction from referee Jacob Montalvo. As the fight was coming to a close, Treviño hit one final takedown. He managed to take Daily’s back before he was reversed, with Daily ending up on top as round came to an end. The official scores were 50-44, 48-46, and 49-44 for Frank Treviño. After the fight, Frank Treviño was awarded the STFC welterweight crown as Rock N Roll James interviewed both men. Daily took exception to the scores while Treviño Afterwards, he teased that he was thinking of going down to 155 lbs. Treviño also expressed his desire to get a three fight contract with the UFC.

Danny Salinas has been here since the beginning. On February 16, 2008, the STFL (as it was known then) put on their inaugural event at the Pharr International Convention Center. The Edinburg native made his debut on that show defeating Christopher Herbold via TKO. Now five years later, Salinas went up against the undefeated, submission grappler extraordinaire Carlos Diego Ferreira.

Salinas started quickly, landed a good kick on Ferreira. It was clear that Salinas had the striking advantage. Ferreira went for the clinch, and started attempting trips against the cage. Salinas was able to defend remarkably well. Salinas didn’t get the memo that he was the underdog, he was fighting his heart out in there. Ferreira finally got behind Salinas and pulled him down to take his back. Salinas defended well and got back up. Ferreira continued to force a clinch against the cage until the referee separated them. In an incredible moment that lit up the McAllen Convention Center, the two had a wild exchange that ended with Ferreira down on the canvas. The Brazilian was clearly out of his senses when the round came to an end. Salinas started the second frame with some good striking but Ferreira got the clinch and put Salinas down on his back. He passed guard and took Salinas’ back. He had to work for that choke, Salinas was trying his best to defend both the submission and the strikes. Eventually, the choke was sunk in and Salinas had no choice but to tap out at 1:41 of the second stanza. Even though this was a non-title bout due to Salinas missing weight (came in at 163 lbs), Ferreira was still awarded the STFC lightweight crown.

Before the co-main event, the rematch went down as Andrew Garza and Josh Treviño stepped into the cage once again. Their first fight, a slugfest back at STFC 23 (December 2012) ended via KO when a distracted Treviño left his guard down due to confusing the 10-second clapper with the ring bell. In the early stages of this 200 lbs catchweight, we saw much improvement in Treviño’s defense. Garza still rushed in with his offense, hit hard but also ate some good shots. Treviño went for the takedown, but they ended up in a clinch position against the cage. The Edinburg native would find a way to press Garza against the cage and get the takedown. As soon as Treviño got mount, the muscular Garza powered his way out of that position and put Treviño on his back. From there, he landed some shots and then managed to get Treviño’s back. The round ended with Garza having the advantage. Seconds into the second round, the doctors would not allow Treviño to continue due to some nasty swelling around his eye. The referee waived off the fight at 10 seconds into the second frame, giving Garza the victory in his hometown of McAllen.

In a battle of Cameron County fighters, Santa Rosa’s Fabian Saldivar prevailed over Brownsville’s George Ted Powery. In the first frame, Saldivar got two takedowns on Powery and kept the fight there for the remainder of the round. After gaining side control, Saldivar secured the mount. He went for an arm-triangle attempt on Powery, but lost it. But he didn’t lose top control, he regained the mount position and finished the round with some significant ground and pound. In the second frame, Powery went for an ill-advised spin kick that led right into another takedown for Saldivar. When he got mount this time, he made sure to finish the fight with some nasty elbows. The referee called the fight at 1:18 of the second round, awarding the TKO victory to Saldivar.

Vaughn Govia came all the way from Plano to fight against Rio Grande City’s Miguel Saenz. Govia started off quick, sweeping Saenz off his feet. Saenz got back up and Govia unleashed a magnificent head kick for the KO. The official time of the first round stoppage was 25 seconds. Even though he was an outsider, Govia earned everyone’s respect and applause after that spectacular performance.

PSJA North graduate Samuel Guardiola faced off against Israel Martinez in featherweight competition. Martinez attempted to turn it into a phone booth fight, rushing Guardiola against the cage and landing solid strikes. That didn’t affect Guardiola, as he got himself off the cage and hit a nice takedown. Guardiola passed Martinez’s guard and got a dominant position. After some strikes, Guardiola attempted an arm-triangle on Martinez. Martinez turned to give his back, but Guardiola didn’t let go of his grip and forced him to tap out with an arm-in-rear naked choke at 1:59 of the first round. Great show of class by Guardiola, as he raised Martinez’s arm after the fight.

In the opening bout of the evening, Elias Garcia used two takedowns on Mike Ortiz to take the fight to the ground. After securing back mount, he was able to land enough blows to soften Ortiz up and slip in a rear naked choke for the submission at 2:44 of the first round.

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