STFC 41 Fight Card


Here we are in a new year(Happy New Year!) and a new season of chingasos presented by STFC. STFC booker, Raul Ramos, announced that STFC 41 will be headlined by the reigning and defending undisputed STFC lightweight champion, Luke Flores. Flores will be putting up the title against Laredo native, Sonny Luque. If the main event hasn’t tickled your fancy then what do you say to the return of former featherweight champion Fabian Saldivar? Yup, that’s right. Saldivar was first announced to take on Warren Steward but has been given the new opponent in Edgar Diaz who faced Luke Flores for the lightweight title last November.

If you thinking right now “Man, I need to get some tickets!”, well you better hurry up. The last time Luke Flores and Fabian Saldivar shared the marquee, they sold out the Mcallen Convention Center. STFC 41 isn’t going to be any different. To top it off, I haven’t even ran down the whole card and some, if not most of the fighters on this card have some of the strongest fan followings in the RGV such as Eli Rodriguez, Victor Martinez and Robert Aguirre. So, get those tickets NOW! Don’t know where to get tickets yet? Oh, don’t fret just yet, click on one of your favorite fighter’s name below and message them to purchase tickets.

Below you can find the announced match-ups. If there is any changes to them, they will be updated accordingly. Also, stay tuned to for another preview of this event at the end of the month.

STFC 41 Fight Card

Main Event – Luke Flores vs Sonny Luque *Lightweight title fight

Co-Main Event- Fabian Anthony Saldivar vs Edgar Jesus Diaz Guzman 145lb

Victor Martinez vs Jose Cabral 155lb

Eli Rodriguez vs Jorge Cortez 155lb

Robert Aguirre vs Isaac Matamoros 135lb

Julio Viramontes vs Nicholas Gay 170lb

Ammy Card

Chris Cuadra vs Juan Torres 135Lb

Gunner Jay Coronado vs Eric aleman 145Lb

Ryan Rangel vs Irving Lopez 145Lb

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